Top 10 Indian wedding trends you never knew existed

In 2021, life began to return to normal as most activities—including marriages and other important occasions—regained their previous splendor of vibrant excess, albeit with a more considerate perspective. We all want genuine relationships more often than before as a result of the crisis, and partners and their relatives are striving to make marriages even more unique than in the past. Indian weddings are seeing a new age of trends. Everything about weddings undergoes significant adjustments, even the marriage invitations. The brides and grooms of today understand how important it is to make their wedding day attractive. Thus, it is important to consider these new developments seriously. A handful of the newest wedding ideas are featured here. Look them up and make your wedding arrangements appropriately. You are going to love it when you unbox new trends through our blog.

Focusing on the tiniest details

Families and newlyweds are rightfully moving “identifying the ideal location” to the highest priority on their list of event planning tasks in complete accordance with the current options. As usual, wedding adornment is crucial to creating a memorable wedding day. Individuals and families are choosing quieter, more personal gatherings where they may invest more in a decent quality encounter instead of putting on a presentation. The event will be more unforgettable for you and your family members if minor touches like personalization and distinctive tweaks are given priority.


Bridal Trends

Today’s women are changing, and so are their preferences. New female fashion fads include donning no cosmetics, wearing a lehenga in a vibrant hue instead of the traditional red, and forgoing pumps in favor of shoes and trousers are all the rage. With each new year, women are more and more motivated to improve their wedding plans. Recent inquiries indicate that couples want bold statements, coordinated clothing, clashing hues, and distinctive designs. Unique features, handmade decorations, and environmentally friendly fabrics may get you somewhere, and brides are progressively drawn to unique outfits that represent that.


Unique Mehendi styling

The Mehndi ceremony is essential to an Indian wedding. Hindi films have rendered the occasion appear so thrilling and enjoyable that it ought to be underestimated. In addition to its herbal components and other traditional justifications for application, mehndi has evolved into a kind of self-portraiture for weddings. Brides are doing everything possible to convey their individuality with their mehndi patterns, from simple patterns to ones that reflect their hobbies and preferences.


Exquisite Menu

At the following ceremony you attend, don’t be shocked if you notice a huge line of food vendors. The variety on the buffet tends to expand as more individuals marry into cultures other than their own. Gatherings now promote “globe on a platter” in complement to Indian food. Perhaps the most significant and lasting aspect of your wedding reception is the cuisine, and an increasing number of newlyweds are choosing unique meals and customized selections. 


Interesting couple entry

It won’t be shocking if we claim that Indian cinema has altered how we currently see marriages. Every wedding couple is the star of their own romantic tale, and they should both be given attention. There is careful preparation behind the wedding arrival, from selecting the ideal entry style or intricately ornamented parasol to selecting the ideal music track. Comparable choices must be made for the newlyweds between a sleek automobile and a speedy motorcycle.


Destination weddings

It won’t be inappropriate if engaged newlyweds decide to wed in an exotic and lovely area because India is provided with an entertaining mosaic of organic and man-made sceneries. Exclusive wedding venues and public mandaps are becoming less appealing, and hotels, coastlines, and historical structures (mahals) are taking their place.


New forms of entertainment

Commemorations are increasingly including a significant amount of entertainment, and not simply live singing and dancing acts. Despite two difficult years, newlyweds want to celebrate with their family members, be left free and have a good time at all of their events, not just the Sangeet night. Couples are embracing creative photo booth concepts, carnival parties, downpour parties, stand-up humor, in-person live entertainment, circus performances, stage tricks, ballrooms that flow out onto the beaches, and much more to inject some excitement and uniqueness into every event.


Different forms of e-invite

During the epidemic, sending Texting Save the Dates or wedding E-invitations evolved into practical marketing communications. Partners are increasingly arranging more digital invitations for marriages as a viable approach. Some families additionally opt to make a number of paper invitations for their own family members and electronic invitations for their fellow employees. Video save-the-dates are going to stick since they provide far more aesthetic and creative flexibility, not to forget the ease of contacting visitors throughout the world.


While the epidemic is wiping out all of the misery, there are a few lessons that have made a huge difference in each of our lives. As a sector, we have maintained a flawless record of endurance and adaptation. Since change is unavoidable, we should welcome positive changes.