Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are the kind of marriages that gives us a whole different vibe. It throws in a whole new mood for both families and loved ones. If you wish to have an intimate wedding with a very minimal guest list, then this is the best wedding venue scenario for you. They are the new sexy when it comes to weddings. Destination weddings are appropriate for couples who want a more relaxed approach to wedding preparation, as they may not be able to view the facility or resort before the ceremony or contact all of their providers in reality. We accommodate you in planning your weddings at fantastic picturesque locations based on the size of the gathering and your budget by picking the most appropriate mise en scène.

Some of the services that we include in destination weddings are as follows:


No wedding is now free of decorations. The whole point of a wedding being this colorful is the decor itself. My Shaadi Planner brings out the best backdrop and flower decorations as per your selection. We consider the wedding décor to be equally important as the bride and groom. The wedding decor can change as per different customizations. We have an outstanding assortment of wedding décor ideas that can be adapted to any theme based on the requests we have received.

Some of the wedding decors is as follows:

Wedding & Gift Hampers

Indians are masters of hospitality, and weddings are times when they lavish their affection on their visitors. As a result, we can also coordinate for return gift hampers for your special visitors based on your preferences. Whatever from little handcrafted products to cutlery or clothing can be offered as wedding homecoming presents, as long as it is significant and fits inside your price. The general idea is to provide something that the attendees can utilize or view every day since it is unlikely that individuals will cherish your wedding for long unless your present is in front of their gaze. Miniature aesthetic and ornamental things are also great to return presents. Chocolate is another choice to contemplate as a gift since it transports the individual back to their youth. 

Delivering a culturally significant display is also an excellent gifting option. People adhere to the social reciprocity rule. When individuals get a favor, they constantly want to repay it. As the couple is inundated with presents at their marriage, they exchange marriage return goodies to make the occasion unforgettable. A marriage ceremony is the most significant occasion in a couple’s life; they get numerous presents from everyone and therefore prefer to provide some bridal return presents to the guests in order to make them delighted and recognized. This is another method to express gratitude to the attendees.

Hospitality & Logistics

Wedding mobility and accommodation are two critical factors. These two factors must be meticulously considered in order for things to go as flawlessly as a couple and their family desire. A minor error might result in turmoil, something a couple would want to avoid on their wedding day. These are two of the vital factors that cannot be overlooked in a wedding. People will always remember the way they are warmly welcomed for a wedding. Also, the perfect organization that blends in with the same is highly appreciable. Wedding transportation and lodging are two key elements. These two variables must be carefully studied if things are to run as well as a couple and their relatives would like. A tiny mistake might cause chaos, a situation that a couple would want to minimize on their wedding day. 

Entertainment & Artist Management

Many people choose to ignore the significance of wedding amusement. People might not recollect the bouquets or the flavor of the cake, but they will recollect how much fun they had! Music is a popular kind of enjoyment in marriages, and we all know why. Music can transform a celebration, establish the tone, elicit emotions, and get women dancing. The wedding performance may also set the tone for the rest of your event, making it an unforgettable experience for everyone. Weddings need a lot of fun and frolic. As a result, we ensure that it is not simply a dry function but is filled with dancing, music, games, and many more engaging aspects to leave a lasting impression on all of your visitors.

Wedding Creatives

Creatives in the wedding business understand the importance of a gorgeous arrangement in a designed shot, and we adore becoming a presence in these pictures! We are encouraged to create arrangements with various color palettes and forms, experiment with new ideas, and polish our profession, but our favorite aspect of partaking in styled photography is encountering all of the other exhibitors. It’s really fulfilling to spend time and effort on a project with other wedding creative experts and then gather to see the event successful. A shoot requires a lot of preparation and several vendors to pull accomplished. Wedding creatives is an area in which we incorporate all of the major fancy pieces based on your preferences. The dramatic entrance, the DJ, the beautiful mandap arrangements, and many other details are featured in this large Bollywood wedding style.

Ancillary Services

We also extend our services in several ancillary services such as venue selection, catering services, RSVP communications, VIP security services, etc for your customized weddings. These services help in the smooth run of the ceremony. Ancillary services are treatment centers in the power system or grid operation that aid basic functions of production, transportation, and electricity distribution by assuring dependable power supply at stable rated voltage, as well as grid integrity. Wedding catered lunches are one-of-a-kind. They supply various products and services in their own unique ways. Furthermore, the following are the must-have components in all-inclusive programs.

Photography & Cinematography

How could we miss this one? This is an important factor that our team works upon so that they can capture your best moments. We have an in-house team who will look after the photos and videos that are to be taken on your D-day. The attendance of a professional photographer and filmmaker is highly valued since wedding images are an essential component of every ceremony. They are your D-Day recollections, which you may relive whenever you want through those photographs. Videos are made to preserve the recollections of a great day. A wedding film is just as vital as wedding photography in telling the tale of your wedding through sound and dance.

Wedding cinematography is a creative narrative art form. It’s like painting a blank canvas with different hues of colors from the experiences you’ve had. Videographers are among the finest communicators, capable of setting the appropriate language for the movie and weaving a wonderfully fantastic start and conclusion to the wedding film. They photograph a scene from numerous innovative perspectives to offer it a unique viewpoint and tug at the viewers’ heartstrings. A competent wedding cinematographer crafts a narrative from each occasion and produces a fairy-tale engagement movie out of it, whether it’s documenting an emotive father-daughter encounter or the lovely bride exchanging a grin staring at her fiancé.