About Us

My Shaadi Planner is a Mumbai-based company committed to ensuring that your wedding day is unforgettable. We primarily specialize in wedding planning and have been in the field for a good amount of time. We take care of every aspect, from the wedding carpet to the flowers, drape, lighting, and backgrounds, among other things. We provide services in Destination and wedding, Decor, Wedding & Gift Hampers, Hospitality & Logistics, Entertainment & Artist Management, Food & Beverages, Wedding Creatives, Wedding communications, and Ancillary services, Photography, and Cinematography.

When you think about your wedding, you always imagine yourself as the star of the show, right? You don’t want anyone stealing your thunder. We are here to reimagine your ideas and assist you in turning them a reality, whether it is a fairy tale wedding or anything else you desire. My Shaadi Planner has been there at all of the beautiful weddings and has witnessed all of the trend developments that have taken place in this industry. We are aware of current and past trends and will assist you in customizing them to your liking.

Wedding ceremonies can be termed as a celebration that is given utmost importance in a person’s life. Choosing a life partner and then later deciding to spend the rest of your life with them is one auspicious moment that cannot go wrong at any place. It is a matter of a life decision. Once the decision is sorted, then the next big thing that will come to one’s mind would be the preparation for the big day. We at My Shaadi Planner have been helping people who come to us as two individuals and families and going back as a happy couple and one big family. We never compromise on the quality of our services which is why we still top the game.

Our Vision

Helping people to have their dream wedding within their budget by making use of our customized options.

Our Mission

We strive to perform weddings by blending in the old culture and traditions along with the newest trends of today’s generation.

Why Choose Us

Flawless Organization

Every marriage comes with a lot of responsibility. There are so many things to be put in place. We have our in-house team working hard in first creating a schedule that will help us run through the whole wedding in its scheduled time and make it a grand success. Willing to hand over work to us equates to not bothering about the output since we ensure that the entire bridal celebration is under control.

Pleasing Decorations

Nowadays weddings come in customized designs and patterns. You can have themes for marriages. Gone are the times wherein marriage decorations just involved shamianas and flowers. Nowadays we have a whole new spectrum where several factors are included in terms of wedding decorations. Our decorations never exceed any level. It is always the equation of perfection. The ornamentation is an important part that must be done with creative flair.

A Reasonable Budget

We have customized budgets for people wanting to make their dream day come true.

Vendors and Artists

A wedding calls for a lot of celebrations and fun. Nowadays marriages are the platforms for several entertainment activities that are performed by all guests irrespective of the age group. We help to organize vendors with several stores and also artists such as DJs, song systems, dance choreographers, singers and so on to perform at your wedding to make it more lively. We assist you to avoid several pain points associated with wedding planning by coordinating with caterers and performers of your choosing.

Customized Plans

We have several standard plans. We also have customized plans wherein we allow you to choose your needed services and then chart a bill as per the We have customized plans suitable to your budget. In this way, you pay only for your needed services and do not arrange any unnecessary fragments if you are not interested. In this way, you can have your dream wedding within your budget with all your needed services. You name it and we arrange it. We make sure that no stone is left unturned.

An in-house Team

Since wedding calls in for a lot of arrangements in different departments, we have a team that is efficient enough to look over all the agendas and schedules when a marriage contract is placed. With careful detailing and instructions given by them, the staff works efficiently together which will help them in making the ceremony a big success. We have an in-house team for every step. We have a MICE team arranging for the various needs of your wedding.

Some of the extended services by our team are as follows: