International Wedding Destinations


Ireland is known to have all four seasons in one day. How mesmerizing would it be to have experienced all this on your wedding day? The Irish menu is quite delicious and your fold will have a perfect time. When it comes to weddings, Ireland will be our top 1 choice.


The main attraction of Fiji is the union of 3000 islands in the South Pacific. You have the choice to choose your island among the various ones and have your wedding planned amidst various coral reefs, exotic plantations and amidst beautiful weather. Fiji is always one of our top attractions.


As the saying “Rome was not built in a day”, doesn’t really set up our agenda. We at MSP find it very easy to set up your dreamy Rome wedding amidst the famous historical figures of Julius Caesar and creative geniuses Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael along with the Colosseum, Spanish steps, and so on.


Spain is always a wonderful option when it comes to weddings. The Spanish people are always up for a celebration. You can also theme your wedding in several celebrations such as after your official wedding hosting a Tomatina festival. Such initiatives are unique and also fun.       

Palm Springs, USA

Palm Springs is the most famous A-lister of Hollywood weddings. How awesome would it be if you would be able to get a booking of our wedding here where you will have a radiant environment and also beautiful weather on your special day? My Shaadi Planner will help you in all ways to come up with the wedding of your dreams.


Well, well, well. If not the city of love, then where else would you be wanting to have your destination wedding? Having your photo clicked at the Eiffel Tower soon after your wedding vows is a thing you can cherish a lifetime for. Whether going for a day wedding or a night wedding, Paris will never disappoint you at all.


Saint Lucia is mainly the descriptive picture we have been painted about as the lost city of Atlantis. Imagine having your wedding in such a venue surrounded by your loved ones. The special attraction of the Caribbean is the white sand and sapphire water that looks dreamy and adds a lot of natural effect to your wedding photos.


Want to have a dreamy fairly tale wedding? There is no other place like Portugal to have your wedding done. The ocean with its turquoise blue and having a beach side wedding is how you can make use of this realistic beauty into your wedding.


Uff. We never thing Greek lords are overhyped. Greek Lords are supposedly said to be the most handsome lords who have been on earth. My Shaadi Planner helps you plan your Greek style wedding or a wedding at Greece to   keep up with your elegance and grace.


The land of luxury. London is one costly affair and having your wedding set up at London gives you a lot of fun and frolic and also the richness is what you always preferred.


With its scenic beauty and its big sky scrapers, having the tallest building Burj Khalifa, having a wedding in Dubai is a dream come true moment. If you are looking for an Arabic theme, then we would not suggest you any other place than Dubai. AMidst he sand and camels, you join your soul with your better half, it will be exactly a match made in heaven.


The town’s rich language and heritage, rather than its first-rate coastlines, are what genuinely distinguish it apart. If you try to put together a list of recommended excursions for your visitors, you’ll find that you have more possibilities than you can handle. Oludeniz and Bodrum are just two of the stunning locales available for wedding receptions, and we’ve always had a particular fondness for the elegant town of Göcek. It is popular among yachters and epitomises unpretentious grandeur.


You can exploit the fact that Egypt is not typically considered when individuals consider wedding locales. This nation is rich in history, has a diverse history that is on display for anyone to witness, and is entitled to expansive desert landscapes and a friendly, welcoming culture. It is a safe sanctuary in a troubled region. 

South Africa

south africa wedding destination

With its breathtaking scenery, wildlife refuges, beautiful beaches along its coastline, and undulating hills, South Africa has become a popular tourist spot and exotic marriage locale. Therefore, it’s the ideal setting for adventurous couples to host a special ceremony for attendees prepared to go far.


Seychelles wedding destinations

A wedding in the Seychelles provides a number of benefits over a traditional ceremony in your hometown. Beach weddings offer stunning scenery and photos, along with amazing savings and ease of organising. A beachfront ceremony on the beach could seem expensive, but these outdoor wedding festivities are not necessarily expensive.


wedding destinations in Indonesia

With its astoundingly magnificent beaches, snow – capped mountains, and lush agricultural farms, Bali Island certainly is a piece of paradise. There is a lot to discover as well, including monasteries and bustling bazaar. You may get elegance for less when it comes to your wedding because the costs are affordable when compared to other long-distance locations.


austria wedding destinations

International weddings are becoming more common in Austria. More and more non-Austrian individuals are getting married, and they select this stunning nation with its soaring slopes, lush grasslands, crystal clear waters, melancholy villages, and wineries to commemorate their union. Thankfully, we can guarantee unequivocally that getting married in Austria won’t cost you any more than getting married in any other Western European nation.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles destination weddings

Southern California, which includes Los Angeles, is referred to as the Riviera zone, and this idyllic stretch anywhere along the state’s beachfront provides an enormous number of engagement facilities. Los Angeles is one of the most popular destinations for weddings in the US because it is home to some of the country’s most recognizable buildings.


destination wedding at paris

The world’s largest most beautiful metropolis is the ideal location for a family wedding. The city is filled with elegant and serviced apartments that are ideal for weddings, as well as historical parks and landmarks. Those who desire even more splendor might, of necessity, travel a small way to Versailles.


Large and extravagant weddings are common in the Philippines. A large crowd can come together to commemorate the lovely joining of feuding families into one at this moment. As a result, a short and straightforward marriage ceremony usually has cheaper wedding costs. On the other hand, a big, lavish wedding celebration often entails large wedding costs.