About Us

My Shaadi Planner is a firm based in Mumbai intrinsically working on making your big day a momentous one. We are predominantly into the wedding planning business and have been in the industry for a good amount of time. We endeavor every detail from wedding carpet to flowers, draping, lighting, backdrops, and many other things. We are not just rudimentary to wedding decorations but we also bestow our services in Destination and wedding, Decor, Wedding & Gift Hampers, Hospitality & Logistics, Entertainment & Artist Management, Food & Beverages, Wedding Creatives, Wedding communications, Ancillary services, Photography and Cinematography.

When you always think of your big day, you are always the star of the wedding right? You do not want anybody to steal your thunder. We are here to revamp your dreams and help you live through them each second making it nothing less than a fairy tale wedding or anything you wish to have. My Shaadi Planner has been around all the fabulous weddings and have seen all the fashion changes that have happened in this field. We know the past and the current trends and will help you customize them accordingly as per what you fancy.

Our Services

Destination Wedding

They are the new sexy when it comes to weddings. We accommodate you in planning your weddings at fantastic picturesque locations based on the size of the gathering and your budget by picking the most appropriate mise en scène


We contemplate the decor to be a paramount aspect of the wedding as the bride and groom. We have an incredible collection of wedding decor ideas that fit in with any theme as per the necessity we have received.

Wedding & Gift Hampers

Indians are so high-minded at hospitality and marriages are occasions wherein they shower their love on their guests in abundance. Hence we also arrange for return gift hampers for your beloved guests as per your choice.

Hospitality & Logistics

These are two of the vital factors that cannot be overlooked in a wedding. People will always remember the way they are warmly welcomed for a wedding. Also, the perfect organization that blends in with the same is highly appreciable.

Entertainment & Artist Management

Weddings call out for a lot of fun and frolic. Hence, we make sure that it is not just a dry function rather is filled with dance, music, games, and many other entertaining segments to make it a vivid memory in the minds of all your guests.

Wedding Creatives

Wedding creatives is a section wherein we include all the big fancy fragments as per your choice. The big Bollywood wedding style with the grand entrance, the DJ, the breathtaking mandap decorations, and many more are included here.

Ancillary Services

We also extend our services in several ancillary services such as venue selection, catering services, RSVP communications, VIP security services, etc for your customized weddings. These services help in the smooth run of the ceremony.

Photography & Cinematography

How could we miss this one? This is an important factor that our team works upon so that they can capture your best moments. We have an in-house team who will look after the photos and videos that are to be taken on your D-day.

Our Team

This venture of fun and celebration has been made achievable only because of the hard work and in-trend creative ideas that have been implemented as a result of profuse brainstorming sessions and idea exchanges between our team. They have been integral support for every part of the functions that we have undertaken in leading it to be a great success. They are the reason for our several success stories and we are presenting to you here our team.

Archhan Gurtu


Sheevali Gurtu


Danish Mirza

Production Head

Why Do People Come to Us

What makes us different from the rest? Why do people come to us for their wedding to be done? We are a perfect blend of creativity and all-generation preferred decorative styles which leaves a huge impact on the guests who attend your marriages. Dive in to know why people love us.

Flawless Organization

Handing over work to us is equivalent to not worrying about the outcomes as we make sure the complete wedding function is in control.

Pleasing Decorations

Our decorations never exceed any level. It is always the equation of perfection. The decoration is one crucial aspect to be done with a good artistic sense.

A Reasonable Budget

We have customized budgets for people with any financial constraints wanting to make their dream day come true.

Vendors & Artists

We arrange for vendors and artists as per your choice by helping you eliminate many pain points while arranging a wedding.

Customized Plans

We have customized plans suitable to your budget. You name it and we arrange it. We make sure that no stone is left unturned.

An in-house Team

We have an in-house team for every step. We have a MICE team arranging for the various needs of your wedding.