Mixmatching your Indian outfits for an Indo western wedding lookbook

Are you having a wedding function round the corner? Want to explore more unique dress options? We are here to help you to choose you the best one by giving several options through this blog. The traditional sarees might be the most common dress you will see when you attend an Indian function. Hence if you are the person who always wants to think out of the box, this is the right blog for you. We have culminated the best Indo-western dresses and put them across the best ones that are approved by stylists. Dive into the blog, if you further want to bring a unique and chic look to the next wedding you attend.

Do the only alternatives on your Shaadi shopping list include sarees and Anarkalis? Are you considering how to distinguish out from the limited choices? So don’t fret; you’re in good hands with us. We offer classic yet trendy clothing, clearly influenced by fashionistas, to allow the sophisticated lady to shout across them! Becoming a shadi visitor is a tremendous pleasure, you know? Who doesn’t enjoy wearing makeup in all those wonderful dresses and having a fantastic time having gotten their picture taken? However, wearing saris and heavy anarkalis nonstop might grow boring, it’s that we’ve got you covered with these Indo-Western costumes for family weddings. Here are some unconventional ensembles that can guarantee you top fashion marks!


Anarkali with jeans

This is one of the most common cross-paired pieces of clothing that puts in perfect attire. This is an easy one to find and also you can get a variety of options in styling the same. If you are looking for a simple yet elegant attire, this is the best one for you to go with.

Crop top with a lehenga

This attire will help you rock the wedding. If you are looking for a grand ethnic look, this is the best one you can go for. This was a look approved by many celebrities who also wore it to their special occasions. This idea will never be a failure and you can go without any doubt for it.

Dhoti with a crop top

This is another variation of the above dress. This is a crop top with dhoti pants. People who find heavy skirts very suffocating can replace them with dhoti pants. This too was an approved style of ethnic wear and has brought a lot of uniqueness and buzz to the various events it was worn to.

Dhoti saree

Another variation from the above is for saree lovers. This is where you can drape a comfortable style of saree with a dhoti at the bottom. This style of saree draping has been a big hit as it is preferred a lot nowadays. People who have the fear of their saree unfolding can easily go for this style of saree draping.

Peplum top with a saree

There are several people who find themselves in a peplum top. What if we suggest you go for it with a saree rather than any other bottom? Yes, peplum saree is another variation that can be followed to if attending a grand function or a wedding ceremony.

Pairing a kurta with a jacket

The jacket is one of the most used apparel in recent times. If you are thinking a jacket is a piece of clothing that can be worn only for casual or western-induced events, you are wrong. This can be paired with a kurta which will add more grandeur to the event you are attending too.

Cold shoulder kurta

This kind of shoulder is considered the queen of sleeves in recent times. Though it had come out a while ago, it was only in recent times that people started embracing the style and incorporating it into their various styles of dressing. Cold shoulder Kurta is something which can give you that royal look with a decent sleeve style making you the star of the wedding.


Styling saree with a denim shirt

This can be considered the coolest one on the list. It has been the most trending in recent times and this is a must-try as it will be the most unique look at the wedding you go for. The denim shirt can be used instead of a blouse and then drape your saree as you wish. This is how you can style it with a  saree.

Saree gowns

This has been one of the trendiest and the most preferred styles of ethnic wear that young girls to women find comfort in wearing. Choosing the right colors and getting things done at the earliest is one of the most important things to be kept in mind while wearing any piece of clothing. If confused, always go for a saree gown as it will never leave you disappointed.