Luxurious Destination Wedding In Jaipur

Are you on the lookout for your dream destination wedding in Jaipur? Well, your search concludes here.

In the heart of Rajasthan, where history echoes through the palace walls and the breeze whispers of ancient love stories, Jaipur stands as a city where romance blooms in the air.

Jaipur, with its pink facades and intricate artworks, has rightly earned itself the epithet ‘The Pink City.’ No wonder it is becoming one of the most sought-after destination weddings in India

Proclaim a legacy of romance — that generations ahead will listen to.

Bask in the afterglow of an era when love letters were penned with quills and delivered by couriers on horseback.

Celebrating your grand moment in the face of a thousand-year-old ancestral history and its rich heritage lets you leave your mark on that very legacy. A feeling that is impossible to describe—stepping into the shoes of royalty and tying knots in the magnificent palace where the Maharajas once reigned!

Jaipur — An Old World Charm

Let’s look at some of the essences of the city.

A Grand Welcome for Guests

As you cross through its streets, you’ll find a burst of colors—the bright red turbans of the locals, the vivid saris of the women, and the golden glint of traditional jewelry. Needless to say, the sparkling palaces and forts around As if the city itself decks itself to give a grand welcome to your guests.

Amber Sunset — Ring Ceremony

As the sun sets, casting a metallic glint against the orangish forts, imagine putting a ring to your beloved’s finger. A perfect Instagrammable moment, isn’t it?

Lively Music: Twinkling Lights

As the night unfolds, witness the skilled dance and traditional folk music. It’s a happy time for your friends and family to celebrate under the star-studded sky and strings of lights hung around the palace. What a moment to tie the knot!

Destination Wedding Planners in Jaipur — My Shaadi Planner

We understand that executing such a grand wedding can be a mammoth task. That’s where we come in — with our vast network of vendors, venues, & artists. From ‘baraat’ to ‘bidai’ our team remains on ground, resolving every issue and managing vendors—ensuring an uninterrupted celebration. At My Shaadi Planner, we intend to provide unforgettable, jaw-dropping experiences that will be cherished and etched in your memories forever.

Services We Offer

Hassles are for us; freedom is for you. Let’s look at some of the services we offer:

Best Destination Wedding Venue In Jaipur: 

We start by helping you choose the perfect venue for you in Jaipur. Jaipur can spoil you with its several options amongst grand palaces, forts, and havelis. Whether you want a cozy ceremony or an opulent grandeur, we have contacts in every sphere.

Inspiring Themes:

Select your special, customized theme for your wedding—a grand palace wedding, an iconic city wedding, or an intimate hilltop-fort wedding. 

End-to-end Arrangement:

Be it the catering, accommodation, transportation, decor, or entertainment—we see through it all.

Specially Crafted Bridal Spas & Hairstylists:

Indulge in the secrets of Ayurvedic wellness with our special bridal spas.

Events & Sightseeings:

We arrange choreographers for Sangeet, musicians for the nights, etc. We even organize events and sightseeing in Jaipur for your guests.

All about Jaipur Destination Wedding


Destination Wedding in Jaipur Cost:

The cost of a Destination Wedding in Jaipur may vary depending on your choice of venue, theme, artists, etc. Weddings in places such as Rambhag or Samode Palace can be on the higher side, whereas an intimate-themed wedding on some hilltop fort will cost much less.

Jaipur Destination Wedding Packages:

At My Shaadi Planner, we provide different customizable packages based on your needs. We can tailor-fit the wedding specifically based on your requirements. Contact us to learn about such customized packages.

Best Time for a Wedding in Jaipur:

Winters are the best. (November–February)


Surrounded by timeless forts and magnificent palaces, Jaipur sets the perfect picturesque backdrop for a royal wedding. My Shaadi Planner is sure to leave an everlasting memory, not just for you but also for your guests and loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a destination wedding cost in Jaipur?

It can vary depending on the venue, theme, accommodation you choose. We provide a customized quotation based on your preferences. Contact us now for a Free Consultation.

Why Jaipur is best for destination weddings?

Jaipur is best not just because of its endless choices for palaces and forts for weddings, it also provides an ease of transportation facilities. It is a well connected city in the heart of Rajasthan.

What is a good budget for a destination wedding in Jaipur?

It totally depends. Venues such as Oberoi Raj Villa, Samode Palace, Rambagh Palace offer a magical experience but come with a lavish price tag. If you want an intimate fairytale wedding you have options for that too in Jaipur. Contact us to know more.