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First of all a heartiest congratulations to the bride to be. Every bride has a her own fairytale wedding in her mind. She wants everything to be perfect. Beauty is an important aspect for a bride. She herself want to look beautiful and refreshing on her wedding day. It’s is not just about the make-up, it is more about looking radiant and picture- perfect on the special day. It takes a lot of time to plan a perfect wedding day look of a bride. It is also important that every tiny bit of decor around her compliments her beautifully.

To save you from last minute chaos, we have made tiny effort to keep you stress-free on your wedding day.

Pre-Bridal Preparations

If you want to look blushing, glowing and a beautiful bride, start your Pre-Bridal Preparations at least 3 months before your wedding day. Don’t know how to start, consult a doctor and start taking vitamins for stronger glossier hair and glowing skin, You can test a new hair colour for a new dramatic look in your wedding. When you start the preparations early, you get ample time to do experiments on your look. Revive your skincare regime. Do regular facials, cleanse, tone, target and moisturize every day. Also keep a check on other mandatory pre-bridal cares.

Keep a check on fitness

As the wedding date gets closer a bride starts panicking. She gets extra concerned about her weight. Most of the times Stress adds up to weight gain. Then only solution come to mind is crash dieting. Crash dieting will only affect your health and make you weak. It won’t make you feel fresh. To avoid that, start a fitness and nutrition plan as a part of your bridal care 3 months before your marriage. This will help you look healthy and glowing on your special day.

Once you get habitual to the fitness regime you can take it up to next level day by day. This will be a boost for your confidence, which will eventually make you look perfect.

Theme and wedding style

When it comes to weddings, everyone get a little filmy, everyone dreams of having a Yashraj or Karan Johar Movie set for wedding.

First things first, Fix the wedding budget and stick to it. Decide whether you want a intimate wedding, a big fat Indian wedding, destination, or any other style of your choice. You can also decide the theme of your wedding, coloured theme, fantasy theme, Bollywood theme, cultural theme and many more. Get options from the wedding planners. Tell your story to the potential planners and see who understands you better. Hire a wedding planner who can bring your imagination into reality.

Decide Attires for different functions

Indian wedding is great reason to go a little extra loud on your clothings. It’s about pomp, show and colour. There can be an array of attires for different wedding functions. Brides tend to try on every possible thing to make a different look. This can be chaotic and confusing. Best way is to get bridal outfits from a designer.  First decide the colour and style of the attire considering the theme and wedding style. Then choose the outfit.

1) Attire for Engagement

Most important day of any couples’ life. This is the day when their relationship actually starts. It is said that the time between engagement and marriage is memorable for lifetime.

Most of the girls like to wear bold dresses in their engagement which enhances her beauty and makes look like a princess.  Floor length fairytale gowns are the first choice. Another choice is the lehengas for the grand royal look.

2) Attire for a Cocktail Party

This is a new trend of the new age weddings. Cocktail parties is a must now-a-days. This is mostly for family members or only close friends. A bride can wear casuals in this party.

3) Attire For Haldi

Haldi is a auspicious and most important function in an Indian wedding. Now brides don’t wear old clothes in Haldi, they are ready to risk their new dresses, to look perfect in their Haldi Function. Simple yet beautiful attires, mostly in different shades of yellow, or white, make the bride look bright and beautiful.

4) Mehendi and Sangeet

These two function usually are clubbed together. Mehendi lagake rakhna from DDLJ has been the trendsetter for these functions. Sangeet is also clubbed with engagement sometimes when the engagement is just one day before the wedding.

For Mehendi different shades of green or even multicoloured dresses goes well for this function.

5) Wedding Day

This is the day when you want to look perfect. A saree and lehenga are the choice for wedding day look. Saree and leheng are the attires with a Royal feel to it. Both these attire enhance the beauty of the bride. These vary as per the cultures. In South Indian weddings bride wears kanjivaran silk sarees, in Maharashtrian weddings bride wears a nauvari saree, in a Punjabi and Rajasthani weddings bride wears a lehenga.

Choose your make-up artist and Photographer carefully

Choosing a make-up artist and a photographer is a big task. One is the one who can make you look prettiest and one who can capture the your special day beautifully.

During your Pre-wedding preparations, try experimenting with your bridal looks with at least 2-3 make-up artist. Do maximum possible trials, try different hairstyles with different attires. Hire the one who is best at their work and you are most comfortable with to avoid the disappointment and chaos on the wedding day.

Photography helps to capture your special day memories and preserve it for lifetime. A photographer has potential to add magic to your memories. Check their previous work. Get a trial shoot of few pics, check their previous work, check how good they are in a candid shoot and then finalize.

Be relaxed and stressfree

It is important for a bride to look stress-free, relaxed, fresh and Happy. Make a checklist of the pre-wedding preparations,   list down each and every detail. Involve the groom in the preparations so that you get a helping hand and  you both can get some extra time to spend together. Complete your Pre-Bridal care regime at least 4-5 days before the wedding day, don’t keep anything for the last moment. Double check with wedding venues, Confirm the designs with wedding planner, dress designer. Decide the wedding day menu and taste the food before finalizing the caterer. See everything is organised and completed as per your checklist.

All these preparations can give your fatigue and headache at times. Get relaxed with massages or small weekend getaways. The more relaxed you are the most beautiful you will look on your special day.

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