Wedding Accessories for Indian Brides

Wedding is all about looking good! And when it comes to the bride, it is the most special day of them. Bridal dress, hairstyles and makeup all are very important, but it is equally important to pair up our accessories with our outfit and look, to turn up with a complete look.

You need to accessories well in an appropriate way to make all of it in sync with your bridal wear, makeup and hairstyle. The accessories are those little part of getting ready, which can just uplift you look and make you look even more beautiful than before.


We all know how much a Chura is trending these days. No matter what culture you come from, having a Chura worn is quite an essential these days. And the best part is Chura now comes in various color options to pair it with your outfit and keep it in sync


From celebrities like Anushka Sharma to Deepika Padukone all of them have opted for a Mathapatti, and thereby the statement made by Mathapatti have now become one important bridal jewelry that brides’ wears.

Maang Tikka

Keeping the tradition alive and following the rituals, Maang tikee is a must have for all the brides. Maang tika are very light to carry and enhances the look of the bride.

Jhoomar Pasa

One accessory which not just enhances one’s bridal look but can also be worn at different ceremonies pre and post marriage is Pasa.

Hair Accessories

Let’s admit it hair are one of the important factors in deciding our look, and there are so many ceremonies where we need to dress our hair all by ourselves, so it is always better to have some hair accessories handy with us.

Trendy and Traditional Looking Bridal Hair Accessories


The gorgeous payals one bride wears just spreads the charm around the house she walks in. Anklets make the journey full of music. You can choose to go little heavy on these anklets or prefer to opt for a single string anklet.

Nose Rings

Nose rings or Nath as we call them, are the accessories which one can’t go without. Naths have been popular since long for now and enhances the look of the bride. You can opt for heavy naths to some plain Nath while choosing amongst Big Nath or Small Naths and also color code them with your dress


Let’s agree that no look is complete without a gorgeous pair of earrings. This is one of those accessories which you need with all kinds of outfit during your wedding ceremonies. And yes, wearing all your dresses with heavy earrings will just make you look amazing.


We purposely kept it down there, because even we know, no bride walks without a necklace in her own wedding. Those deep neck blouses do need some heavy necklaces to pair up with and make the bride look rich and beautiful. There are lots of styles available, from Chokers to satlada etc. to choose from.


From celebrities like Priyanka Chopra to Deepika Padukone, all of them wore the kamarbandh to pair up with their outfit. Kamarbandh are very popular in south Indian wedding but now seems to make trend over all cultural wedding.


Armlets or popularly known as Bazubandh in India, are quite often worked with sarees. These Bazubandhs adds up to make the bride look more traditional and also enhances the charm of the henna. You can choose from various styles and designs.

Toe Rings

While most of the Indian wedding ceremonies have wearing a toe ring from the maternal uncle as a ceremony in the wedding, but you can also choose up to wear some toe rings to style up your foot, so that you’re ready from top to toe.


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