Tips For Intimate Home Weddings

Well we are sure you have been planning your wedding day for months and in some instances for years as well.

Your wedding day had to be the most special day of your life, and despite being so close to that day, things seems to be shady.

You’ve agonised over everything by now, from the trimming of your wedding outfit to the venue payments, everything. The outfits, The flowers, the decoration details, the playlists of the sangeet night, vendors details, catering, etc. all of this took a lot of you from making excel sheets to managing everything, just for your special day.

The more forward we walk towards the wedding date, the signs of pandemic plateauing seem to be distant.

But nevertheless, we can still have a great lockdown wedding.

Well the comfort level which one gets while having some or all of the wedding functions hosted at home is one of an experience, one wouldn’t mind having. Hosting functions from our very own most comfortable spaces eases the process of marriage rituals and ceremonies along with giving us an additional benefit of adding more personal touches to the ceremonies.

Below mentioned are tips and tricks to have a wonderful wedding :-

Analyse the space available at your home

Well, there’s no hidden truth that the amount of space available in our houses(Unless you have a mansion with beautiful lawns and immersive space) wouldn’t be as same as spaces available in banquets, which are designed as spacious as one can think of.

Let’s understand the space available at our home, so that we can plan and accommodate guests along with making sure every ceremony can take place.

The guestlist

As we plan and decide to host our wedding from home during the amidst lockdown, we also need to plan on the number of guests that can attend our wedding in real-time, keeping in mind the guidelines issued by the government of India. The people very close to us in terms of relations and locations will be given priority without fail. Also while planning the number of guests attending the wedding, we also need to think of the space available with us to host them, while practising social distancing (We definitely don’t want to take any risk)

Get Experts helping

Yes, you can manage the most of it, but having experts hired will just make your experience seamlessly beautiful. Leave all your mental stress to the wedding experts, who will arrange for vendors, to cleaning the houses and managing spaces, let the most of work be handled by someone who is just expertise in it. This will make your wedding a wedding more relaxed and personalised as per your needs.

Have a Budget

Oh yes, the wedding is getting hosted from your own house, which saves a lot of the venue cost, but still, we should sit and analyse the amount we are going to spend on the wedding from home, to make sure we stick to what we plan. With the help of a budget, one can analyse where to spend the larger chunk of money into, and where all they can save money.

Utilise the best space available

Do you have a lawn, garden, parking spaces or terrace? If yes, then utilise them for wedding ceremonies, like having a haldi done at lawns, while hosting mehndi at parking lots and sangeet at the terrace.

DIY as much as you want and can

Yes, DIY is trending and one should definitely opt for them. But remember there are a lot of vendors providing décor materials delivered right at your doorsteps. So, you need not stress with trying to DIY everything.

Check for Permissions & Licences required

Yes, the most important thing to keep in mind while hosting a wedding from home is to check on all the permits and licences you would require from your local authorities like fire, police, music, liquor etc.

Understand and cooperate with everything happening around you

Hosting a wedding from home isn’t easy at all. Yes, and while the house is supposed to be your comfort zone, be prepared it will be intrigued by vendors and guests for all day long. Yes, the vendors, caterers, electricians, and guests will have to come into your home more frequently as if to manage everything. So be prepared for it.

Zoom Meeting

Having a wedding hosted with limited guests present at the moment doesn’t mean that you would have to sacrifice on the entire guest list of yours. All those living afar, or couldn’t make to a wedding in person, will have a privilege of attending a wedding via Zoom.

Yes, all your guests can attend your special days with the help of technology. Be it a far living cousin or a friend quarantined, everyone can have visuals of your wedding happening live telecasted to them.

So make sure you inform on your guests well in advance so that they can make themselves available along with that do have few tech runs done before you host the actual wedding.

Add some Drama!

Just because everything is happening virtually doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun. Well, let’s add some drama and fun to the wedding, like making everyone’s hand full of haldi over the call, while the haldi ceremony for you takes place at your home.

Or everyone getting done with their mehndi at the same time as that of yours, or even having a sangeet performance showcased virtually!

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