Things to avoid in your wedding week!

Ah so finally your wedding is here, and we are sure it will be full of fun, chaos and stressful at the same time, you will be so overwhelmed with everything you will forget to have some good time spared for yourself. Yes, it is way more then we can describe it out here.

So, here are few things that you should avoid in your wedding week.

Staying up all night

We know there are a lot of things pending to be completed, and the wedding madness can keep you awake for all long night, but that’s something you should definitely avoid, as sleeping is very important. Try and finish all your stuff during day like packing trousseau etc. and have a beautiful sleep at night to avoid those puffy eyes, tired face and dark circles right on your special day and honeymoon.

Trying a New Beauty care

Definitely not the time to try your hands on the new beauty care, or any new makeup like foundation or serum or lotion, because it can really work the opposite and create a havoc if by chance it doesn’t suits your skin. And especially if you have a sensitive skin, then it’s definitely a NO NO!

Don’t Experiment with your hair or Apply new hair product

Whether you wish to have a haircut or a smoothening session or even rebounding, make sure you do that well in advance, months prior to your wedding day. Avoid using any new hair care product as it might lead to excess hair fall and problems while hairstyling for your special day. Also try not to oil your hair a week before the wedding, as it might leave you scalp oily and greasy.

Cut Down on the sugar and salt intake

Too much of sweets or sugar or even salt can cause water retention. So, avoid having a lot of anything and maintain a good diet

Trying a New Facial

Well again a big no no. Don’t think of experimenting with a new facial or face pack, right before your wedding day. It might end up damaging your skin, so avoid it.

Avoiding or not making Time for your partner

Yes, a lot of ceremonies and too many things to be done, but it equally important to make time for your groom to be. And yes, please avoid fighting and arguing over small little things. Enjoy it as much as you can.

Too Much for social media

Take a break from social media and take some time out and enjoy this time while living in the moment. Avoid browsing new ideas and inspirations as it might be too late to get them executed.

Forgetting to have adequate amount of water

While having a lot of responsibilities over your head, we understand how one can go without water for hours. But avoid going hours without water, and rather keep yourself hydrated for a glowing skin and for feeling fresh all day long.

Taking too much stress

Yes, it is natural to be a little worried about everything but taking too much stress will just reflect over your health and mood, thereby avoid burdening yourself with stress and try and relax as much as you can.

Having a lot of caffeine or alcohol

Avoid consuming a lot of alcoholic beverages and watch your caffeine take as they both cause excessive bloating and disturbed digestion that shows over your face and tummy!

A New Workout

Stick to the routine you’ve been doing and avoid having new moves. Definitely not the time to experiment with workout, as you don’t want to end up having sore muscles on your wedding day, that might restrict you from having some moves on your day!

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