How to Involve your Zoom Guests in your Wedding

We know all of this is happening too quick, and every task seems difficult then ever before. Thanks to Covid! For making us realize how to enjoy those simple things in life, which we never thought could be this complicated ever.

We know after all those dreams of your wedding day, it is not easy for you to settle down to have an intimate wedding hosted.

And one of the biggest concern you might have would be about how to involve your guests over zoom and make them feel as if they are there with you on your very special day!.

So, here are some ideas, to make sure they feel involved in your wedding and even you’re graced by their virtual presence for your wedding.

Send them an invitation

We know they can’t be present physically over the wedding, but we can still make them feel wanted by inviting them to all our wedding festivities by joining us over zoom video call.

So, we would recommend, that you call each one of your guests and speak to them about you hosting an intimate wedding at home with selective number of guests due to the amidst coronavirus and government guidelines.

Send them the invitation link for zoom meeting well in advance, so that they can prepare their availability for the wedding.

Ask them to dress up

Yes, it is very important to celebrate the virtual wedding in the same fun and enthusiasm of that being married on the grounds.

So, ask your guests to get ready and be a part of the virtual wedding and enjoy seeing you getting married.

Image – Times Of India

Live Stream Your Wedding

Now that you have already sent them an invitation to be a part of wedding, make sure you involve them completely. You can ask your videographer to help you setup the camera in a place that your guests are able to enjoy your wedding sitting at their home.

Have a Virtual DJ Party

Yes, once you’re done with those wedding rituals, ask them to stay up a little longer on the video calls and have a digital DJ Party. Yes, have a DJ playing for you (You can even have one playing virtually) and ask your guests to groove on their bodies along with you.

A personalised Thank you Note

It will take a little efforts of yours, but trust me it will go a long way in keeping those relationships alive. Thank your guests for taking out time and being virtually present at your wedding to make sure you enjoy!!!

Image – Artistick

Deliver a sweet package

Wedding favours are quite popular. And one always expects for one, despite of what conditions are there. So If you can deliver, then please do surprise your guests with a gift delivered to them at their doorsteps.

Image – Bloom This

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