Gurpreet Singh Sandhu proposed his girlfriend Devenish Singh In Sydney

Wedding proposal!

Gurpreet Singh Sadhu, football goalkeeper with Bengaluru FC, met Devenish on Instagram, where they instantly connected. Due to their work commitments and thousand miles distance between them made them take a little back on taking a leap into love.

But fortunately, they were able to spend much more time together and built the foundation of their relationship even stronger. Soon they decided to get married, and Gurpreet couldn’t have missed a chance to pop the question in a romantic way to begin this journey with.

The Proposal story

Gurpret was living in Chandigarh and had planned to fly to Sydney to meet Devenish, but as the news of rapid outbreak of COVID19 globally, and the restrictions that might would have been bounded over travel, Gurpreet decided to move a week before and hence preponed his tickets. Luckily, the pre poning of tickets helped him, as the Australian borders got closed three days after he’s landed.

One the day of proposal, Devenish had no idea about any of it and was taking a nap an hour before all of this happened.

Gurpreet asked Devenish to get ready for a pre wedding photoshoot and hence without any questions asked Devenish got ready He Drove Devenish to Bradley’s head where they walked hand in hand and talked about their relationship and its journey.

Seeing this beautiful place, Devenish somehow had an instinct feeling of something would happen.

And then Gurpreet went down on his knee, and asked, “Will you marry me?” and that’s when Devenish couldn’t stop smiling and simply said “Yes”, and he turned Devenish around and that’s where all their closest friends and family emerge to congratulate and bless them.

Photography; – Caronlina Morgan Photography. Source: – Wedding Sutra

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